25 2017

Lunch and Learn

12:30PM - 1:30PM  

UJA Greenwich One Holly Hill Lane
Greenwich, CT 06830
203-552-1818 (Phone)
203-622-1237 (Fax)


Complimentary lunch is served as a gift to the community sponsored by Rita Edelston



May 25 
Ethical Decision Making at the End with Rabbi Stephen Roberts, MBA, BCC

How does Judaism guide us in making ethical decisions near end of life?


June 1: Shavuot - No Lunch & Learn


June 8
Hymns & Qualms: New and Selected Poems and Translations with Peter Cole, PhD 

Join our distinguished belle-lettrist on a lyrical journey across medieval Hebrew hymns, masterworks of Muslim Spain, verse inspired by Jerusalem and much more.


June 15

Divinely Inspired with Ari Lieberman

Might and humility--independent or co-dependent attributes? A lesson from G-d.

June 22

There’s No Fight Like a Family Fight with Rabbi Elisha Paul

What’s the right way to have a Jewish dispute? Find out from Pirkei Avot. June 29 How Jews Complain Rabbi Moshe Edelman It began in the Torah as precedent. It rumbled on to the Talmud. Trace the long roots of the kvetch.