22 2017

Lunch and Learn

12:30PM - 1:30PM  

UJA Greenwich One Holly Hill Lane
Greenwich, CT 06830
203-552-1818 (Phone)
203-622-1237 (Fax)


Complimentary lunch is served as a gift to the community sponsored by Rita Edelston



June 22

There’s No Fight Like a Family Fight with Rabbi Elisha Paul

What’s the right way to have a Jewish dispute? Find out from Pirkei Avot. June 29 How Jews Complain Rabbi Moshe Edelman It began in the Torah as precedent. It rumbled on to the Talmud. Trace the long roots of the kvetch.



June 29

How Jews Complain with Rabbi Moshe Edelman  

It began in the Torah as precedent. It rumbled on to the Talmud. Trace the long roots of the “kvetch.”


July 6

Kokhba, Man and Legend with Aaron Koller, Ph.D. Bar

What does archaeology tell us about Bar Kokhba, the man and his war, and what do we know of how Jews remembered both?


July 13

How Does Judaism View Freedom? with Chaim Lauer 

Are we ever truly independent? Explore how the Talmud looked at politics and government in its time–and how it can help us see our world today.


July 20

The Heart of Torah with Rabbi Shai Held 

Rabbi Shai Held, President of Hadar, will discuss his new book, The Heart of Torah.


July 27 

The Dark Days of Summer: Historical and Individual Mourning with Rabbi Harold Tzvi Bernstein 

How do Jews approach collective vs personal mourning? With the Ninth of Av upon us, let’s consult the writings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, z’l.


August 3

The Jewish Responsibility of Rebuilding Society with Bob Abrams 

What is the Jewish outlook toward rebuilding relationships, and our responsibility to society?


August 10 

The Tenth Commandment with Rabbi Eric Hoffman

In last week’s sedra (Parashat Va-etchanan), Moses reviews the Ten Commandments. “Thou shalt not covet” is not widely understood, so we’ll examine it through the prism of Halacha and Midrash.

August 17

Nature in Biblical Metaphor with Jon Greenberg 

Fruits and flowers, table settings, and the colors of wine–from everyday objects to religious symbols.

August 24

Rabbi Simcha Berger

August 31

I Never Really Heard Shema Before…with Chaim Lauer 

Talmudic insights on the most famous of Jewish prayers.