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What’s all the excitement?

Over 600 children in our Greenwich community have joined the 225,000 children nationwide who receive free books from PJ Library® each month! PJ Library®, developed by Harold Grinspoon Foundation and sponsored by UJA Greenwich in tribute to Charles J. Schneider, is a unique library for children that brings Jewish stories and songs to life at home and supports Jewish literacy for young families. Reading stories and listening to music are among the most powerful and nurturing early childhood experiences. PJ Library® can help you enrich your family’s reading moments with Jewish ideas, values and traditions. Research shows that Jewish experiences in the first seven years of life establish the basis of a child’s Jewish sense of self. PJ Library® helps you create special time and introduce a new generation to the richness and depth of our Jewish heritage.

A Gift for Their Future

Sign up for PJ Library® and your children will receive a high quality book or CD each month for one year. PJ Library® is for children ages six months to eleven years old and is available free to children living in Greenwich. Anyone can enroll, so if you are an aunt, uncle, grandparent or friend of young children, you can sign them up for PJ Library®. (Families living outside of Greenwich can enroll too. Just go to www.pjlibrary.org.) It’s never too early to create treasured Jewish memories with your family. Enroll your children and tell your friends about PJ Library®. Give them a gift that keeps on giving!

Making New Friends

PJ Library® is more than a special book club. It’s a great way to meet other families with young children in our community at PJ Library programs and parties. Get involved with PJ Library Parent Planners to help coordinate “PJ Library Story Time” events or just come and enjoy the fun. Send e-mail to tracy@ujafedgreenwich.org and we’ll get you connected and keep you posted about PJ Library “play dates” we’re planning.

Sign Up For PJ Library®! 

E-mail Tracy@ujafedgreenwich.org with the child’s birth date, mailing address and the name and/or e-mail address for a parent or guardian and it’s done! We want your children and young friends to enjoy this wonderful collection of children’s books about Jewish themes and traditions. If you have or know children six months to eight years old who live in Greenwich, just e-mail Tracy Daniels, Program Director, to sign up.


PJ Library Families

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The Magic of PJ Library


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Questions? Contact Tracy Daniels, PJ Library Program Manager at 203-552-1818.

"Like most young families, we have lots of children's books. But PJ Library books earned a special place in our collection."



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